Monthly Meetups

April Presentation

Posted by on 1330926822 (Mar 5, 2012) at 5:53 am

On April 6th, at 6pm, we will meetup in the large conference room, on the 4th floor, at Bizperc in Downtown Kansas City. Kou Srimoungchanh is a system administrator. Timothy Humphrey is a PHP web developer. Both of us have recently found a passion for the Arduino microprocessor, and will be pairing up to buildout something [...]

March Presentation

Posted by on 1330923861 (Mar 5, 2012) at 5:04 am

We’ll be postponing the March presentation till April 6th. My (Timothy’s) focus has been a bit off lately due to the traffic accident, and Tuesday is coming too fast to get everything dialed in properly. Postponing the meeting also gives us some more time to prepare a more solid presentation for everyone. More info on [...]

OpenKC March Meetup

Posted by on 1327542233 (Jan 26, 2012) at 1:43 am

It is so exciting to announce the first ever monthly meetup! Bizperc [1] has generously allowed us to use their Large 4th Floor Conference Room [2]. We’ll meet-up on Tuesday, March 6th at 6:00pm; and have a presentation on some open source topic. Another post will follow once a presenter and topic has been determined. [...]